BB Shift Calendar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay for next years calendar?
    No. This program continues to work years into the future and has no built in end date.
  • Do I have to puchase a copy before you will incule my department?
    No, we will add any department you ask us to.
  • I have the Blackberry Storm, the calendar does not fit on the screen
    You will need to turn off compatiblity mode :
    Go to Options - then advanced options - select applications - scroll down and highlight ShiftCal - hit the menu button - select disable compatibility mode
  • How do you know all these schedules?
    We don't. We rely on people like you sending the shift information.
  • The Calendar does not fit right on my phone.
    Just email and let us know the model. Some phones just dont fit properly, so once we know there is an issue we can correct it.
  • Can I add notes / reminders to the days?
    This is a feature which we are working on adding to the product, but curently this is not an option.
  • Which Blackberrys are supported?
    Any phone that has the BB OS 4.2+, this makes most phones in the past few years compatiable. Feel free to email us if your not sure your Blackberry will be supported. Some phones have font settings and screen sizes that sometimes make the calendar look off. Just send an email and we will be happy to fix the layout for a specfic phone.
  • Can I just add my own departments schedule?
    No, just email us at and we will be happy to add your dept.
  • How long does it take to have my dept added?
    Most requests for new departments are completed the same day. Some schedules are more complex and require more time to complete.
  • I would like feature X added.
    Please do send us feature requests. We have built most options as request from users.
  • I have made my payment but where is my activation code?
    The Google Checkout system will display your activation code on the screen when your payment is processed. Google does not email you the code, it is on the web page after you make the payment. You should be able to return to the payment confirmation page from the email sent by Google. If you are having trouble just send us an email.